Danny Choo Animax talk show at C3 Hobby in Hong Kong

Danny has a talk show at C3


tsunami in Japan

 was feeling sad while knew that tsunami hits Japan after 8.8 massive quake ;(
wishing the people in Japan are fine and R.I.P. to the victim.

Sunday shot at home

was tired of yesterday soccer shot, therefore, I couldn’t join the friends outdoor shot at gold coast 黃金海岸 in Hong Kong.
Please see my friend Anthonywang‘s post Gold Coast for their outdoor shot for today.
And about me? gone for breakfast + hair cut, and stay at home all day…
watching JAnime…Twitter…JAnime…Twitter…(loop)
meanwhile, my two girls are looking at the page in my phone~
for more pic, please visit: www.figure.fm/post/en/24706/Sunday+shot+at+home.html

MAR 04-2011 loots

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剣姬 – 舞桜[final]

sorry that I posted late as I wasn’t free these few days
that’s inner dress of the 剣姬-舞桜
and I feel this is sexy but splendid…
took some pic with one pose and hope u would like these
Thanks for reading
Relatived post: 剣姬-舞桜

megahouse variable action – Linebarrel 鉄のラインバレル

love this Linebarrel setting even the Anime doesn’t good enough
shared some pic with you
for the modified photo
please visit my blog

Revoltech Queen’s Blade 戰鬥教宮 Alleyne 2P color

Revoltech Queen’s Blade 戰鬥教宮 Alleyne 2P color
got this because I didn’t buy the 1P color…

for more pic, please visit: www.figure.fm/post/en/24558/Revoltech+Queen+s+Blade+戰鬥教宮+Alleyne+2P+color.html