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Bandai R-style Macross F ova 恋離飛翼 sheryl in nurse uniform


FEB 26-2011 loots

剣姬 – 舞桜姉

spent an hour for setup & only take lass than 10 photos though
seem weekday doesn’t enough time for me to take photo…
not much angles & poses as really not enough time ;(
but still wishing u enjoy the photos, thanks~!
more pic, please visit flickr or post

DD plastic white heels

was looking for the DD plastic white heels at the DD clothes box on last Sat.

eventually I found it! This plastic white heels are from DD sirius‘s outfit

there are some defects…



ebullient future(piano ver.)

recent favor song after watched ef – a tale of melodies
even the story doesn’t have the good ending, still worth to watch though

FEB 20-2011 at home

slept at 6am this morning and woke up at 2pm – -‘
spent the time for fixing megahouse variable action – Linebarrel

broken parts, fixed by using O SECOND Crazy Glue

use the drill to make a hole deeper at the neck, so the neck won’t loose easily

use gundammarker to paint the screw

add black lines

to be continued…

FEB 19-2011 loot @ Y! Jp auction

got this 2nd hand toy Megahouse 黑铁之LineBarrel_鉄のラインバレル_武裝機甲 without box at Yahoo Japan auction for 1200yen only

above pic is from the bid:

noticed one of the parts is loosed

open & check this out, oh…the joint is broken; seems broken during the shipping from Japan to HK 😦

Moreover, this LineBarrel’s joints are really loose, so I fix these by parts and parts

added some glue at the joint parts in able to increase the friction
to be continued…