My 10th princess arrived…DD セイバー・リリィ Saber Lily

have been waiting for few weeks and finally arrived yesterday~! ^^

supposed to make the post while back home; however, the weather is so cold & I seem got flu (sore throat, stuffy nose, headache…) that cause me to sleep early after taken pills = =’

During the lunch time, spend some time for writing the post at my blog; I’m still wondering do I write post at

that many collectors who have Saber Lily are already posted in there.

Lily is no.58 DD head.

waist joint, I made some modifiy

took one ring out because it’s too tight

Lily’s wig is really expensive at jp yahoo auction >< better need extra care this wig

not suggest to do that

left hand joint for sharing two hands, one for holding sword, and the other one is for holding scabbard

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