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Christmas gift

work is busy, no time to play and write blog = .="
shared the stuff I bought and received during the Christmas holiday
wish I’ve time to un-box for photos LoL


toys news – figma 高坂桐乃

figma 御坂美琴 snapshot

figma 御坂美琴, suppose will be issued in 2011 JAN with PSP game 魔術の禁書目録, and I just got her without game from auction in mainland last week.


DEC 11-2010 toys summary

no time to open these toys for taking photos ><

Figma Mirai Pre-orders Open!

Christmas lights shot at 1881 Heritage

Christmas is coming and there are beautiful Christmas lights at 1881 Heritage in Tsui Sha Tsui

I went there with friends for outdoor dollfie Christmas shot
Unfortunately…there are crowded & many people are taking photos as well, I didn’t take much photos and poses for my dollfie Yuki
some photos taken by using NEX-5 with 18-55 kit lens, and D300 with 35/1.8G
wish you like these photos.
my friends post from other forum:

some previous photos for dollfie taken at 1881 Heritage:


for more pic, please visit my album in flickr
or the post in

dolls outdoor shot at Jordan Valley Playground (HK)

Sorry that I’m too late to share the photos as my laptop Asus w7j was out of work T_T
(seems the display chip is burned)
currently using my old desktop (P4-3, 2GBram) for internet and modify photos…
spend are lots of times for loading huge file size of raw files… LoL
I gone to Jordan Valley Playground with friends for dolls outdoor shot last Sunday.
It was sunny day & the place was really nice.
I was taking photo for DD Tamane at the place where one of the part called "Maze Garden"
in the playground.
Anyway, share the photos in there and wish you like these ~

for more photo, can be reach: